White Lightning Adjustable Length Link Bracelet Navajo Artisan Lyle Piaso NALB-1419 Special Buy Final Sale

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Length at 1st Ring:
6 1/4 Inch (Inside Circumference)
Length at 2nd Ring:
7 Inch (Inside Circumference)
Length at 3rd Ring:
7 5/8 Inch (Inside Circumference)
Overall Length:
8 Inch to last Ring lying flat
Center Stone:
Approximately 25mm by 19mm (setting only Excluding Attachment Rings))
1st Set Stones:
Approximately 28-29mm by 16-17mm (setting only Excluding Attachment Rings)
2nd Set Stones:
Approximately 16mm by 14-15mm (setting only Excluding Attachment Rings))

Long 5 Stone White Lightning Marble Sterling Silver 6 1/4 to 7 5/8 Inch Adjustable Link Bracelet by Navajo Artisan Lyle Piaso NALB-1419 Special Buy Final Sale. Gorgeous collaboration of lapidary and jewelry maker with graduated stone size all beautifully set in a clean contemporary straight bezel with wide soldered links and rings.

This exquisite White Lightning 5 stone bracelet boasts a center stone measuring approximately 25mm by 19mm, first set of stones from center approximately 29mm by 16-17mm and last set of stones approximately 16mm by 14-15mm. Bracelet has an adjustable Inside Circumference of 6 1/4 inch at first ring, 7 inch at second ring and 7 5/8 Inch on third ring.

As with measuring for any bracelet, it is important to understand the 'Inside Circumference' for fit. This bracelet laying flat measures 7 1/4 inch at shortest ring, 7 3/4 second ring and 8 1/4 inch at third and last ring. Simply measure wrist with strip of paper allowing some space for a comfortable amount of drape, mark the paper and measure against ruler. Depending on your personal comfort level, this bracelet should fit 5 5/8 to 7 1/4 inch wrist with slight drape. We take the time to discuss the measurements because inside circumference will vary depending on how chunky or large the stone settings are.

White Lightening Natural Black Marble is the invert of White Buffalo and often looks very similar to natural Black Agate which showcases predominantly black stone with white ribbon inclusion like a Lightning Strike!

Marble is one of the oldest architectural and decorative materials as seen in statues and buildings which outlasted the ancient cultures that built them. It has been valued for thousands of years for its rich palette of colors, appearance and array of finishes. White Lightning is natural Black Marble with White inclusion that polishes to a mirror finish. As with many natural stones used in jewelry making certain precautions should always be taken to protect the stone/setting. Even though Marble is commonly used for countertops and flooring, it is reactive to the acids found in vinegar, orange juice, and lemons.

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