Pink Fire Opal Engagement Wedding Band Ring Sets

Pink Fire Opal Inlay Wedding Band Rings and Bridal Engagement Ring Sets by Native American Artisan Wilbert Muskett Jr. Navajo Silver jewelry individually handmade Wedding Ring Sets in traditional style by Inlay Jewelry maker Wilbert Muskett Jr.

Pink Fire Opal Inlay Bridal Engagement Wedding Ring Sets by Wilbert Muskett Jr. Four Corners USA OnLine Native American Indian Silver Jewelry

Fire Opal, a common term in Native American Jewelry for lab created Opal, is far more durable than natural Opal whether they are single cuts, doublets or triplets at a fraction of the cost. Fire Opal is preferred by Native American Silversmiths for fine inlay jewelry creations.

These beautiful time honored Pink Fire Opal Bridal Engagement Wedding Ring Sets and Bridegroom Pink Opal Inlay Band Rings are wonderful replacement Wedding Band Rings, Anniversary Gifts, Commitment Rings or just signs of affection. Native American Pink Opal Inlay Wedding Band Rings are a wonderful alternative to traditional or socially expectant Wedding Rings and a true expression of your personal style.