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About Us

The staff at Four Corners USA OnLine are devoted Supporters of American Art and piece at a time!

Humbled, blessed and forever grateful by the support of our Customers both online and at events throughout the USA, we welcome the opportunity to be of service. Four Corners USA OnLine strives to make your shopping experience in our store positive and exciting with the discovery of new One of a Kind Treasures.

Thank you for visiting our little haven where we are proud to offer a collection of American Artisan Jewelry including works from both traditional and contemporary Native American Indian Jewelry Designers and Silversmiths.

Over the years we have represented Photographers from Maine to Metal Artists in Las Cruces, Baskets from the Carolinas, Jewelry Artists in the French Quarter with Southwest Native American Jewelry Designers eventually taking center stage. We were always on the 'road less traveled' and stole away to destinations across the USA (hence, Four Corners USA!) to enjoy the local flavor. From seashore to mountains to deserts, the beauty is always astounding. Inevitably someone would ask 'where did you get that?' and we found ourselves contacting the Artist to obtain more works.

Many lasting relationships have been forged as a result of our personal collecting and these contacts played a crucial role when we started exhibiting at various events throughout the USA during the 1990's and eventually our OnLine presence today.

We offer a comprehensive range of Authentic Native American Jewelry and USA Artisan Jewelry in various styles and at varying price points. Life can sometimes be complicated and a bit stressful but purchasing your personal adornments should not be. Here at Four Corners USA OnLine Jewelry Store, you will find quality jewelry items and competitive pricing based on the Artists and not on some fictitious, suggested List Price. You can shop with confidence not worrying if the price will be reduced tomorrow or next week.

On a few occasions over the years we have been asked 'How much or what percentage of Sales goes back to the Artist/Reservation?' and quite frankly, I was always taken back by the question and a bit confused by it. After being contacted by several 'marketers' offering their services to sell our Jewelry for a percentage of the Sale (using our images and we ship the product under their name), I now understand why we may have been asked such a question. We own all our inventory and every newly created piece is purchased directly from the Artist or their representative (many we have worked with for over 20 years) and is in our possession at the time of your purchase (with minimal exception which is duly noted i.e. Pre-Orders and Custom Orders).

We have always sought to find a balance of quality and price for all our products and work very hard to achieve that. We hand-select all our Native American treasures and hand-craft our own complimentary pieces with extreme care and attention.

Our thoughts are 'If it is not good enough for us, then it is not good enough for you!' Please read Our Commitment to You, Our Customer!

Family owned and Operated. As a small, private Studio without the luxury of many employees, we wear several hats throughout the day - We are Buyer, Customer Service, Shipper, Web Designer, Photographer and Jewelry Designer...the other side of that coin, is you DO get 'hands on, personal Customer Care and Assistance'!

With sincere regards,
Staff at Four Corners USA OnLine


**Please checkout our Frequently Asked Questions, Jewelry Measurement Guide and Resource pages as many questions may be answered there before Contacting Us. We respond to all inquiries, but please remember to check your Junk or Spam folders as our response might be waiting for you there!!

Please do not forward unsolicited, unrequested photo files without prior approval...Thank You!

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