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Measurement Guide

Our comprehensive Jewelry Measurement Guide will assist you with many common questions regarding fitting and sizing various style bracelets including Cuff Bracelets, Link Bracelets and Beaded Gemstone Bracelets. We also offer guidelines for Ring Sizing, Bead Necklaces and Chain Lengths along with cleaning and caring for your Jewelry Treasure.

Simply click through on the links below for the Article of Interest. 

How to Measure for a Cuff Style Bracelet

Our Cuff Bracelet sizes are shown with two measurements: the complete inside circumference including the 'gap' opening and the gap opening as a reference. Some Cuff Bracelets (typically single stone settings and those without stone settings) can be slightly adjusted. Cuff Bracelets with multiple stone settings or inlay cannot be adjusted as it could weaken the integrity of the bracelet and loosen the stones. click through to read more

The Best Kept Secret to a Proper Fitting Cuff Bracelet

Cuff style bracelets are designed by the silversmith to have a relaxed to snug (not tight) fit at the wrist below the wrist bone. They should not be too loose that they are able to turn during regular activities nor should you be able to 'push them up the arm' as we often see. The size of the 'gap' is relative to the overall size of the bracelet and it is this opening that slides onto the wrist from a side angle. click through to read more

Determine Length for Link Style and Beaded Bracelets

Measuring your wrist for a Link Style or Beaded Bracelet is similar to measuring for a cuff bracelet but with a link or beaded bracelet, you will likely prefer a slightly looser fit. The measurement taken around your wrist is the inside circumference of the link or beaded bracelet...the importance of this is that a 'chunky' bead bracelet laying flat will appear slightly longer as it needs to accommodate the bulk around the wrist; therefore measurements are always taken using the inside circumference. click through to read more

Guidelines for Determining Ring Size

If you are uncertain of your current Ring Size, the following guide will assist you. Even if you think you know your size from a previous purchase a year or two ago, it is still a good idea to double check.

We have been told from past Customers these guidelines were helpful but when in doubt, you should consult a local jeweler. It is also our understanding that many printable type measurement tools available on the web have NOT been so helpful therefore we do not recommend the use of these in determining your Ring Size. click through to read more

Watch Face Replacement Guide

Our Watch Face Replacement Guide (hopefully) will assist you in determining the Pin Size for the correct Watch Face needed. click through to read more

Beaded Necklace and Chain Lengths with Diagram

Here is a diagram and description of the various Industry Standard Necklace Lengths. Please use this as a Guideline along with past experience to determine the correct length for your preference and stature. click through to read more


Disclosure: Our Guidelines are provided as an informational resource only. Although we have heard from many Customers that they have been helpful, we are confident they are not absolute for everyone and every situation...When in doubt, consult a local jeweler or Contact Us and we will be happy to assist as best we can.


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