Link Bead Bracelet Sizing

Determine Length for Link Style and Beaded Bracelets Four Corners USA OnLine Jewelry Guide

Determine Length for Link Style and Beaded Bracelets. Measuring your wrist for a Link Style or Beaded Bracelet is similar to measuring for a cuff bracelet but with a link or beaded bracelet, you will likely prefer a slightly looser fit. The measurement taken around your wrist is the inside circumference of the link or beaded bracelet...the importance of this is that a 'chunky' bead bracelet laying flat will appear slightly longer as it needs to accommodate the bulk around the wrist; therefore measurements are always taken using the inside circumference.

We take our measurements using bracelet forms assuring the inside circumference of the bracelet and do not add for any drape. Typically adding 1/4 to 1/2 inch to wrist size for Link Bracelets and 1/2 inch for Beaded Gemstone Bracelets will provide a comfortable fit. 

Inches to MM Conversion Guide

Inch to MM Conversion Chart

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