White Lightning Necklace Earring Jewelry Set Navajo Lyle Piaso NAN-1448 Special Buy Final Sale

Lyle Piaso

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Sterling Silver
Earrings Overall Length:
1 1/2 Inch drop from Top of Ear Wire
Earrings Setting Length:
1 Inch (excluding attachment ring)
Earrings Setting Width:
13/16 Inch (at widest point)
Necklace Overall Length:
18 Inch
Necklace Center Stone Setting Length:
1 1/4 Inch
Necklace Center Stone Setting Width:
1 Inch (at widest point)
Necklace Side Stones Setting Length:
1 1/4 - 1 3//16 Inch excluding rings
Necklace Side Stones Setting Width:
13/16 - 14/16 Inch at (widest point)
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Elegant Five Stone White Buffalo Turquoise Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set by Native American Navajo Silversmith Lyle Piaso NAN-1448 Special Buy Final Sale. Lyle Piaso has been all about modern all silver minimal settings showcasing the beauty of the stone. Here he takes on a wonderful jagged edge with straight line stamping which is a perfect compliment to the highly polish predominantly black marble stones. Wonderful balance with teardrop Center and side stones. This wonderful Jewelry Set is a marriage between the lapidary's skill in cutting matching stones to capture the beauty, matrix and color striations of White Lightning and the talent of the silversmith to compliment those stones in the most suitable settings.

White Lightening Natural Black Marble is the invert of White Buffalo and often looks very similar to natural Black Agate which showcases predominantly black stone with white ribbon inclusion like a Lightning Strike!

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