Fine Coral Naja Necklace Post Earring Jewelry Set Navajo Alice Lister NAN1430CL Special Buy Final Sale

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All Sterling Silver
Necklace Length:
19-22 Inch Adjustable (excluding the Naja)
Earrings Length:
15/16 Inch (just under 1 inch top to bottom)
Earring Width:
3/4 Inch (at widest point)
Earring Style:
Post (slightly above center for balance and coverage)
Naja Length:
3 Inch (slightly under top to bottom)
Naja Width:
3 Inch (slightly over at widest point)
Necklace Front Width:
11/16 Inch (just under 3/4 inch) including fringe
Necklace Back Width:
1/4 Inch (back bars around Neckline)


Fine Coral Naja Necklace Post Earring Jewelry Set Navajo Alice Lister NAN1430CL Special Buy Final Sale. Wow Factor Jewelry Set. Elaborate Mediterranean Coral Cabochon Adjustable Naja Necklace and Post Earring Fine Jewelry Set by renowned Navajo Artisan Alice Lister. Elaborate might be an understatement for this incredible piece of work enhanced only by the quantity and rarity of Coral cabochons. So pictures tell a thousand words and we invite you to review the many images at various angles to appreciate the dedication and craftsmanship that went into this.

Many pictures included to show every aspect of this wonderful Set please take the time to explore them.

There are so many wonderful details to notice such as the various sizes of the round Cabochons so strategically placed to compliment the elegant lines for a natural flow and bring depth to this piece. The Coral is deep set in each of its handmade Sterling cups as if Mrs. Lister was cradling each precious piece.

At first glance one might refer to this as a Squash Blossom Necklace because you first notice the Naja but there are no blossoms in this piece of fine Jewelry. The Necklace consists of three separate fashioned bars of Sterling that incorporate a solid fringe connected by oval Coral settings where all the connection are hidden beneath the Necklace allowing everything to flow seamlessly. The Neck portion are straight bars without the fringe (for comfort and wear-ability) a feature I noticed immediately upon first sight. Needless to say because of the time involved very few of these Jewelry Sets are/will ever be created and combined with the rarity of natural Mediterranean Coral makes such a piece welcome into any Collection and passed on from generation to generation.

Navajo Alice Lister is a self taught silversmith who has perfected her jewelry making for well over 30 years having been inspired by observing her brother-in-law, Charles Singer. Tucked away on the Navajo reservation in the northeast section of Arizona, Alice and her husband David Lister work side by side in their workshop. Unlike some Native American couples who may collaborate on their jewelry creations, Alice and David share the same workspace to create their own individual unique treasures. We are proud to showcase one of her incredible pieces, an exquisite Mediterranean Coral Squash Blossom Necklace Earring Jewelry Set.

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