Caring for Your Jewelry

Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Caring for your Native American Sterling Silver Jewelry is not much different than caring for other precious metal Jewelry including Inlay and stone settings. To ensure a lifetime of enjoyment some precautions should be taken.

Wearing your Sterling Silver Jewelry actually assists in keeping the Silver clean and over time often creates a 'soft patina' finish. It is a good idea to wipe down your Sterling Jewelry before storing to remove daily grim and body oils which can be done with a simple cotton cloth.

Hot and/or high humid climates can cause Sterling Silver to oxidize while wearing leaving either a 'green' or 'black' mark against your skin even if you typically wear Sterling Silver without issue. These markings are similar to those experienced by people who also have allergies to 925 Sterling Silver (or Alloy Metals that make up the 7.5% difference) which can also cause a small irritation on the skin more commonly with rings. Allergies experienced earlier in life are sometimes outgrown just as a new allergic reaction is possible later in life.

Oxidation begins when Silver is exposed to air often exasperated by Summer heat and/or humidity and can typically be cleaned with a soft Cleaning Cloth specifically treated for use with Sterling Silver. Although there are many types of 'cleaning solutions' available on the market, a treated cleaning cloth is really all that is necessary to keep your Native American Jewelry looking its best.

Sterling Silver can also be negatively impacted by hand/body creams, perfumes, and exposure to various chemicals (this would include but not limited to swimming pools/chlorine/salt water, household cleaners).

If your Jewelry has been sitting unworn for a long period of time and you desire it brought back to high luster, there are several buffing options available but do require special care and use. A local professional jeweler should be able to assist you in restoration.

NEVER Dip, Chemically Treat or Soak your Jewelry as these chemicals eat away at the Silver and will most likely damage the stone and settings.

Inlay Jewelry and Stone settings should not be subjected to excessive water, body creams, chemicals (this would include but not limited to swimming pools/chlorine/salt water) or continued contact with other objects (banging/hitting) which could damage the integrity of the settings and/or crack the stones.


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