Jeweler's Rouge Treated Double Ultimate Polishing Cleaning Cloth 10 Inch Surface

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This is the extreme Jeweler's cleaning and polishing cloth! The red side is treated with the red rouge polishing compound used by silversmiths to bring up the final brilliant finish on Sterling Silver. The yellow side is also treated for light cleaning of body oils and fingerprints. Good for Silver and Gold. Each cloth measures approximately 10 inches by 10 inches.

These cloths will last an extremely long time. As you can imagine, we use them extensively and maybe go through only 2 a year! Our show customers come back time and again for the cloths if not for themselves as gifts!

Made in the USA!

For best results, article to be cleaned should be perfectly dry. If badly soiled, slight moistening on the tarished part will help in restoring the fine finish. Use inside rouge cloth (red side - don't hold the red side directly as you will get red residue on your fingers, particularly when the cloth is new - fold over so you are touching the yellow side! I found this out the hard way!) for cleaning of the metal and outside cloth for the finishing touch. Both cloths chemically treated - good until WORN TO SHREDS!

Not recommended for Plated Metals