Starry Night Native American Kachina Dancer Pendants Navajo Artisan Calvin Desson NAP-1656 Special Buy Final Sale

Calvin Desson

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Overall Length Deer Dancer:
2 5/8 Inch (from top of bail)
Overall Width Deer Dancer:
1 5/16 Inch (at widest point antlers)
Overall Length Sun Kachina:
2 7/8 Inch (from top of bail)
Overall Width Sun Kachina:
3/4 Inch (headdress and bottom of skirt)
Moveable Bail on Deer Dancer:
5mm Cord, Chain, Beads
Fixed Bail on Sun Dancer:
6-7mm Cord, Chain, Beads
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Starry Night Native American Kachina Dancer Pendants by Navajo Artisan Calvin Desson NAP-1656 Special Buy Final Sale. This Deer Kachina and SunFace Kachina Pendants Set are exquisitely detailed and destined to remain together as they invoke the sense of 'Caring and Providing' in the same way Grandparents and Parents provide for their generations. Deer Dancer offers the promise of increased deer providing sufficient food for the Villagers and the beloved SunFace Dancer offers the promise of bright prospects for the children and shelter for the elders in the warmth of her rays.

Stones are meticulously cut so precise one might assume it was painted. The Silver work completes these wonderful Folk Art pieces with Deer Dancer's Antlers and bead work and SunFace Dancer with her sunburst headdress overseeing the Village. These beautiful duo Pendants are a must for any collector and truly an heirloom in the making meant to be passed from generation to generation.

Sold as a pair...please do not ask as we are not willing to separate them.

Navajo Calvin Desson is a multi facet mostly self-taught Artisan in the truest sense. His very early days consisted of drawings inspired by his surroundings, life, culture and beliefs which we often call 'storytelling'. Daily life struggles took Mr. Desson down various roads to provide for his family. Although these times were likely very challenging, what emerged was an extraordinary talent now gifted to the world through his Jewelry Art. His contemporary works from Starry Nights to Abstract interpretation consists of intricate stone inlay encapsulated in Sterling Silver often depicting portions of the original drawings from his youth. Leaves one to also ponder if watching his father create Sand Paintings as a child led to this picture art in stone? Mr. Desson is Artisan, Lapidary, Silversmith and StoryTeller.

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