Size 5 1/2 Jet BlackTeardrop Sterling Leaf Ring Native American Navajo Indian Handcrafted Closeout Final Sale

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Jet Black Teardrop Sterling Silver Size 5 1/2 Leaf ring Native American Navajo Indian Navajo Handcrafted Closeout Final Sale NAR-09476. An absolute Staple! Very traditional Native American Indian Navajo Jet tear drop sterling silver ring. The Cab on the ring measures approximately 5/8 inch by 5/8 inch. Native American Indian Navajo Silversmith Handcrafted, however they are not Hallmarked and they are an Unknown Artist.

The leaf to the Native American symbolizes 'Wealth'.

Jet is a geological material and is considered to be a minor gemstone. Jet is not considered a true mineral, but rather a mineraloid as it has an organic origin, being derived from decaying wood under extreme pressure. Jet is a product of high pressure decomposition of wood from millions of years ago, commonly the wood of trees of the Araucariaceae family. Jet is found in two forms, hard and soft. Hard jet is the result of the carbon compression and salt water; soft jet is the result of the carbon compression and fresh water. Jet is easily polished and is used in manufacturing jewelry, according to the Whitby Museum, dating from 10,000 BC in parts of contemporary Germany. The oldest jet jewelry was found in Asturias, Spain, dating from 17,000 BC.Native American Navajo

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