Southwest Desert Starry Night Pendant

Southwest Desert Starry Night Pendant

Posted by Four Corners USA OnLine on 8th Nov 2018

Wearable Jewelry Art Southwest Desert Sunface  Starry Night Pendant by Native American Navajo Artisan Calvin Desson. Exquisite Inlay Folk Art Pendant with stones meticulously cut so precise one might assume it was painted. The Silver work completes this wonderful Folk Art piece with deep cutouts and sunray stamping.Inspired by his surroundings, life experiences, culture and beliefs.

Sunface Starry Night Pendant Navajo Artisan Calvin Desson Four Corners USA OnLine Native American Jewelry

Navajo Jewelry Artist Calvin Desson passionately creates his story in stone and silver with such precision it appears like brush to canvas.This beautiful piece of cultural Art is a must for any collector and truly an heirloom in the making meant to be passed from generation to generation.

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