Native American Silversmith Tony Garcia

Native American Silversmith Tony Garcia

Posted by Four Corners USA OnLine on 16th Dec 2017

Native American Navajo Artisan Silversmith  Tony Garcia is a diverse Silver and Turquoise Jeweler working with many specialized stones such as White Buffalo Turquoise and has been one of our featured jewelry makers for many years. His bold designs often offer minimal silver therefore showcasing large Turquoise Stones such as Dry Creek Turquoise, White Buffalo Turquoise, Royston Turquoise, Number 8 Turquoise, Boulder Turquoise, Pilot Mountain Turquoise, Pilot Mountain Turquoise, Sunnyside Turquoise, Turquoise Mountain and Crow Spring Turquoise.

How much fun are these adorable animal Sterling Silver and Turquoise Pendants! These whimsical pendants celebrate a wonderful varied collection of specialty American Turquoise as mentioned above. Lizards, Frogs and Bears play a significant Spiritual role in American Indian culture and folklore as evidenced in ancient pictographs and petroglyphs of America's First People.

Whimsical Lizard and Frog Pendants by Navajo Tony Garcia Four Corners USA OnLine

Lizard Gecko Turquoise Pendants Navajo Tony Garcia Four Corners USA OnLine

Lizards reveal weaknesses, strengths and prompts energy to change as evident in leaving their tail behind when they sense danger (and grow another). The lizard symbolizes conservation and self-protection.

Stamped Frog with Turquoise Pendants Four Corners USA Online Navajo Tony Garcia

Frogs in some Native American cultures are considered medicine animals who have healing powers. They symbolize adaptability, transformation and invoke the spirits to bring rain (cleansing). Frogs are also used as Clan Symbols in some tribes such as Chippewa, Zuni and other Pueblos of New Mexico.

One of my favorite displays of varied collectible Turquoise are these Five stone adjustable Link Bracelets showcasing five different American Turquoise Mines smartly presented by Navajo Artisan Tony Garcia.

Wonderful chunky Turquoise Link Bracelets sporting awesome stone specimens from many of America's favorite mines including Royston, Number 8, Boulder, Pilot Mountain, and Crow Spring Turquoise.

Multi Turquoise Mine Adjustable Link Bracelet Four Corners USA OnLine Navajo Silver Jewelry

Mr. Garcia has periodically collaborated with  Navajo Freddy Charley complimenting his wide ornate Ring Band Shanks with rare and collectible Turquoise Settings as with these Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sunnyside Turquoise, Turquoise Mountain and White Buffalo Rings below.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Rings by Navajo Silversmiths Tony Garcia and Freddy Charley at Four Corners USA Online Native American Silver Jewelry

Sunnyside Turquoise Rings Four Corners USA OnLine Native American Jewelry

Turquoise Mountain Turquoise Rings Four Corners USA OnLine

White Turquoise Rings Four Corners USA OnLine Native American Jewelry

Tony Garcia was born into the Laguna Pueblo and currently lives in the small American Indian village of To'hajiilee (formerly known as Canoncito), New Mexico with his wife and children. Tony Garcia has offered his distinct Hallmark of TG simply with a curved 'Sterling' or surrounded with SunRay (possibly Rattlesnake) stamping.

A must for any Collection! 

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