Florida Agatized Fossil Coral No 13 Jewelry Component Special Buy Final Sale BDZ-1928

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Florida Agatized Fossil Coral No 13 Jewelry Component Special Buy Final Sale BDZ-1928. Our raw specimens are hand collected from the sandy floor of the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. Our pieces are then cut and polished and some have drill holes for hanging while some are not drilled for wire wrapping. We are showing both the front and backside of the piece and color is quite accurate (based on our monitor).

Approximate Overall Dimensions of this piece: height is 62mm or 2 3/4 inch; width is 27mm or 1 1/8 inch. This specimen is DRILLED.

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Agatized Fossil Coral… is scientifically identified as a "chalcedony pseudo-morph after coral." In other words, it is ancient coral that gradually turned into the gemstone agate. The process occurred when silica in the ocean water hardened, replacing the limy coral. This massive preservation of coral reefs creates a beautiful fossil, in which the skeletons of the coral appear as tiny "flowers" on the stone. Colors vary widely, depending on the extent of exposure to iron and other elements in the reacting water solutions. Agatized Fossil Coral typically occurs in gray, brown, black, yellow, white and, on rare occasion, red. Most specimens of Agatized Fossil Coral are found in the U.S. states of Florida and Georgia. About 35-45 million years ago, during the Eocene period, Florida was part of the continental shelf and was covered with water.

Agatized Fossil Coral is highly prized by not only fossil collectors, but by gem and mineral collectors, as well. Large exquisite forms from Florida are especially in demand as the state produces some of the finest examples of this geological oddity in the entire world.