Carico Lake Turquoise Concho Earrings Navajo Darlene Platero No 5 NAER-130215 Closeout Final Sale

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Carico Lake Turquoise Sterling Concho Earrings Darlene Platero No 5 Native American Silver Jewelry NAER-130215 Closeout Final Sale. We have several pairs of these wonderful Concho earrings and the Turquoise offers just a slight difference in color so we have listed them separately and numbered them as well. The difference is truly so slight you may not even notice but our images are quite true to color. These Carico Lake Turquoise Concho earrings are set in Sterling Silver with approximately a 9 x 7mm Oval Cabochon, scalloped edges, Sunray stamping and Rope design. These soft color stones offer a beautiful high polish. Earrings have an approximate overall length of 3/4 inch from tip to tip by 5/8 at widest point and post is set just slightly above center giving them balance. Darlene Platero created these earrings as part of an in-house group of Native American Silversmiths for a local New Mexico stone collector and lapidary. These earrings are unsigned.  

Carico Lake Turquoise is named for its home on a dried-up lake bed in high, cool Lander County, Nevada. The clear, iridescent, spring green color is due to its high zinc content, and it is very unique. Carico Lake stones can also own dark blue-green color with a black spider web matrix. The colors and scarcity of Carico Lake make it a valuable addition to any collection.