Boulder Ribbon Turquoise

The natural beauty of Boulder Turquoise is just stunning to me...I LOVE the way the brilliant blues or greens 'pop' against the host rock!

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Commonly referred to Boulder Turquoise comes from the revered Pilot Mountain and Royston Turquoise Mines in Nevada. Boulder Turquoise is simply when a stone cutter takes natural vein Turquoise (Turquoise in its natural host rock) and cuts in the direction to create the vein going through the rock like a ribbon or splotches of Turquoise in the host rock maintaining much of the host rock.

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Boulder Turquoise will sometimes be referred to as Ribbon Turquoise. The 'Ribbon' is simply when the lapidary obtains that 'sliver' of Turquoise against the stone creating a Ribbon effect. The uniqueness of the Turquoise patterns that map through beautiful and varied brown boulder stones really gives Boulder or Ribbon Turquoise jewelry its own distinctive flair.

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