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2 1/4' for Bracelets - handcounted from bulk supplies - sold per approximately 100 loops!

This was a new product for us (and for me, as I have never worked with memory wire before - WOW, what fun was this! Great for random patterns as the coil expands depending on wrist size. Use household wire cutters (not the cutters you use for your precious metals, as it will damage the cutter). Measure the number of loops you want for the finished product and then add approximately 3 inches.

Customers have always asked me for memory or stretch bracelets - their reason was the close fit, particularly when working. I can't say I truly understood, but I do now. I wore the bracelet for a couple days and was impressed by how comfortable the fit was (I have a larger than average size wrist) - I forgot I was even wearing it! This will be a nice addition to your Repertoire.

2 1/4' for Bracelets - sold per 100 loops!

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