Coral Needlepoint Squash Blossom Necklace Earring Jewelry Set Zuni Artisans Waatsa NAN-1431

All Sterling Silver
Necklace Length:
25 Inch (excluding the Naja)
Earrings Length:
2 1/2 Inches (top to bottom)
Cluster Length:
2 3/4 Inch including Blossom (slight variations)
Cluster Width:
1 Inch (slightly concave)
Naja Length:
3 Inch (top to bottom)
Naja Width:
2 3/4 Inch (at widest point)
Naja Dangle:
7/8 Inch Diameter
Pumpkin Beads:
6/7mm Length by 7/8mm round
Stringing Material:
Double Sterling Chain

Coral Needlepoint Squash Blossom Naja Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set by Native American Zuni Jewelry Makers Lance and Cordelia Waatsa NAN-1431. Exquisite Mediterranean Coral Clusters with attached handmade Sterling Blossoms on double strand traditional pumpkin seam silver beads with large 3 inch center Naja with dangle cluster extending beyond the 25 Inch Necklace. Rather than just offering a Needlepoint cluster button post Earring, Mr. and Mrs. Waatsa have made these Dangle Post Earrings to completely match the Necklace by attaching a full cluster with blossom to a post earring setting. Necklace is strung on double Sterling cable Chain for lasting durability.

Delicately cut beautifully matching red Mediterranean Coral is meticulously set in this time honored traditional Zuni Needlepoint wearable Art. One must truly appreciate the time and tenacious effort that is placed into such large detailed pieces of ceremonial Jewelry with precision lapidary, cluster Coral settings, Sterling Blossoms, Silver Beads all fully handmade handcut. Needless to say because of the time involved very few of these Squash Blossom Jewelry Sets are created and combined with the rarity of natural Mediterranean Coral makes such a piece welcome into any Collection and passed on from generation to generation.