Size 6 Light Blue Fire Opal Wedding Engagement Ring Set Ella Cowboy WS-1612

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Light Blue Fire Opal Bridal Wedding Engagement Ring Set Size 6 with Round Cubic Zirconia set in Sterling Silver WS-1612. Precision craftsmanship is evident in this Inlay Ring by accomplished Native American Indian Navajo Silversmith Ella Cowboy. Channel Inlay in beautiful contemporary design wide Engagement Ring and Wedding Band for her. Both bands are 1/4 inch wide at top of setting and slightly taper to 1/8 inch at bottom of shank.

Please note any darkness between the Inlay is only reflection of our camera lens unless otherwise noted.

Fire Opal is a common term for lab created Opal used in Native American Indian Jewelry and perfect for inlay work because of its incredible durability. It is far more durable than natural Opal (whether single cuts or doublets and triplets at a fraction of the cost).

This Ring Set makes not only a wonderful alternative wedding set but also a great Anniversary Gift or Replacement Wedding Ring.