Size 5 1/2 Carico Lake Turquoise Ring Navajo Artisan Marie Tsosie NAR-9593

Your Price: $325.00
Setting Overall Length:
1 Inch
Setting Overall Width:
7/8 Inch (at widest point)
Shank Width:
Tapers from 13/16 Inch to 1/2 Inch at base

High Grade Large Stone Carico Lake Turquoise Ornate Sterling Setting Ring Size 5 1/2 Navajo Artisan Marie Tsosie Native American Silver Jewelry NAR-9593. The asymmetrical shaped stone shows a beautiful variety of greens against a soft taupe boulder. Cabochon measures approximately 15mm by 9mm with the overall Silver setting measuring approximately 1 inch length by 7/8 inch at widest point. Stone is highly polished and set in brushed satin finish Sterling Silver with rope, feather and leaf motif. Ring Shank is detailed with eight prongs that taper from 13/16 inch at the setting to 1/2 inch solid at base with deep stamping adornment. Offered by Native American Navajo Artisan Silversmith Marie Tsosie.

Carico Lake Turquoise is named for its home on a dried-up lake bed in high, cool Lander County, Nevada. Carico Lake Turquoise Mine of Nevada offers a variety of blue/green tones with the rarest or least common being a brilliant lime green making it a valuable addition to any collection.