Our Commitment to You

Our Commitment to you for an enjoyable Shopping Experience begins long before a purchase is made. There is something extraordinarily special about Artisan goods and whether handmade or handcrafted by the mere definition each piece is different. Quality and Craftsmanship from Artisan to Artisan can vary greatly and although a specific Artisan's workmanship may be consistent there is still the element of individuality to each piece created. Therefore to ensure the quality of your purchase, we rigorously inspect every item we purchase.

Sometime ago during a dialogue with a Customer, he made a comment about how impressed he was with all we did (inspection, presentation, packaging/shipping) to ensure Customer Satisfaction and minimize returns. I have thought about this statement many times. As we take for granted our actions are merely good business practice (and efficiency in the long run), it occurred to us these efforts may just be 'above the norm' in today's rush, rush less than detail-oriented world.

Before any merchandise is offered for sale on our website, it is reviewed several times.

We first evaluate general quality of stone and craftsmanship including:

  • Stone Finish/Polish Stone Settings for any movement or rocking
  • Soldered Bails and Connectors
  • Posts on Earrings
  • Proper curvature on Cuff Bracelets as well as Watch Tips

Second evaluation is during the image process as the camera lens may showcase or emphasize imperfections in stone and/or silver that was not picked up initially.

Third evaluation is done during the listing process and measurement stage with most all pieces offering various angles for your consideration.

Finally before any merchandise is shipped, we again inspect the piece, stone setting, measurements, clasps, chains, earrings, ear nuts and all watch faces are run (minimum 12 hours) to ensure proper function.

Each piece is then meticulously packaged to protect during shipping (and most may think it is overkill but we see too many poorly packed parcels arrive to us damaged or crushed).

So as you can imagine, we know our Native American Jewelry quite intimately and no piece leaves our Studio without us feeling 110% about the quality, condition and description that is represented. 

This is Our Commitment to You, Our Customer!