Fleur de lis Motif Native American Indian Navajo Tufa Linda Marble Sterling Silver Earrings

Linda Marble

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Sterling Silver
Overall Length:
1 7/16 Inch (from top of Wire or Post)
Length of Setting:
7/8 Inch (excluding attachment ring)
Width of Setting:
13/16 Inch (at widest point)

Unique Navajo casted wire earrings in sterling silver. Navajo silversmith Hallmark LM - Linda Marble Closeout Final Sale .

Tufa is porous rock made of volcanic ash used to form a casting mold. The Tufa Stone is cut to the desired size and shape which often resembles a brick. It is then sliced in half. Usually, a design is carved into just one of the interior sides of the Tufa Stone. After the carving is done, the two halves of the Tufa Stones are rightly joined. This is tied together with a strip of rubber. A sprue hole is carved into one end. The joined and decorated halves then become the mold. Finally, molten sterling silver is poured through the sprue hole into the mold. After the sterling silver cools and hardens, the carved design is visible and the Tufa leaves a textured surface on the metal. Jewelry such as a bracelet is cast flat and then hammered into shape.

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