Burtis Blue Turquoise Mine 23 carat Cabochon 004 (Florence Mine) Cripple Creek Colorado Jewelry Supplies

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Burtis Blue Turquoise 23 carat Cabochon #004 from Cripple Creek, Colorado Jewelry Making Supplies. The Burtis Blue Turquoise (formerly operated as Florence Mine) has been mined since 1938. The mine produces a variety of color from blues to greens and the cabochons we offer are all natural. Burtis Blue Turquoise has a mohs hardness of 7-8 therefore stabilization processing is not necessary making it desirable for various applications including stone setting and wire wrapping.

This cab measures approximately 23.5mm overall length and 17mm at widest point with smooth high polish. Cabochon is approximately 23 carats. I say 'approximately' because my scale is small and likely not well calibrated. There were slight variances in my weight and the cutter's weight - some weighed the same, some slightly less and some slightly more; so I provide you the cutters weight which was marked on each cab. This cab is backed.