Bertrandite Fire Opal Contemporary Inlay Dangle Earrings by Native American Silversmith John Charley NAER-13009

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Sterling Silver
Overall Length:
1 13/16 Inch
Length of Setting:
1 Inch
Width of Setting:
1/2 Inch

Elegant Deep Purple Bertrandite and Fire Opal Intarsia Inlay Sterling Earrings by Native American Indian Navajo Master Silversmith John Charley NAER-13009. 

Fire Opal is a common term for lab created Opal used in Native American Jewelry and perfect for inlay work because of its incredible durability.

Bertrandite was named after Leon Bertrand, a French mineralogist, and is one of the more important ores of beryllium, second only to beryl. Bertrandite is closely tied to the gemstone mineral beryl in many ways besides its use as an ore for the same metal. The two are often associated together as bertrandite is an alteration product of beryl. At times bertrandite is growing on beryl crystals and at other times bertrandite has completely replaced the beryl crystals forming a pseudomorph. A pseudomorph is an atom by atom replacement of one mineral for another; replacing the chemistry and structure with a new mineral, but preserving the outward shape of the original crystal. Pseudomorph mean false shape. Bertrandite is found in beryllium bearing pegmatitic rocks and some hydrothermal veins.

Bertrandite is sometimes referred to as Tiffany Stone.