3mm Heishi Mohave Green Kingman Turquoise Beads 22 Inch Strand KNG-13034

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3mm Heishi Mohave Green Kingman Turquoise Beads Designer 22 Inch Strand Temporarily Strung Jewelry Making Beading Supplies KNG-13034. Beads are straight cut Heishi 3mm around and approximately 3-3.5mm long (with some variance). Arizona Kingman Turquoise jewelry making supply bead strands approximately 22 inch temporarily strung. Mohave Green is a wonderful bead coordinating with many bright green Gaspeite stones and a staple for adding that colorful touch to your Southwestern Designs.

Straight cut beads are delicate and may contain a small percentage of imperfection at edge. Mohave Green bead strands are a specific cut Kingman Turquoise stone, permanently dyed and stabilized for durability (an acceptable and necessary process for enhancing the hardness of Turquoise for Jewelry Making).