Size 7 Spiderweb Turquoise Onyx Opal Inlay Ring Navajo Artisan Albert Francisco NAR-09566

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Spiderweb deep teal green Turquoise Onyx Opal Fine Contemporary Inlay Ring Size 7 Navajo Artisan Albert Francisco Native American Silver Jewelry. Deep Teal Spiderweb Turquoise Black Onyx and Fire Opal Inlay utilizing both Channel and Intarsia Inlay jewelry making techniques. Stone and silver setting measures approximately 1/2 inch top to bottom by 3/4 inch linear point to point and measuring the outer circumference of the setting would be 1 inch point to point. Acclaimed for his fine jewelry making skills, Mr. Francisco also joins a group of master inlay artists that execute a line of Contemporary Inlay Sterling Silver Jewelry for a local New Mexico Designer and no two are ever exactly the same.

Fire Opal is a common term for lab created Opal used in Native American Jewelry and perfect for inlay work because of its incredible durability.