Size 6 1/2 Engagement Bridal Wedding Ring Set Purple Fire Opal Native American Silver Jewelry WS-1695

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Purple Fire Opal Channel Inlay Bridal Engagement Wedding Ring Set Size 6 1/2 with round Cubic Zirconia setting by Native American Indian Jewelry Artisan Wilbert Muskett Jr WS-1695. This is a beautiful Sterling Silver Ring Set by an accomplished Native American Silversmith offering a strong heavy tapered shank with an overlay cutout design on both sides of both rings adding depth and texture to the set. Channel Inlay lends a contemporary modern look to this Bridal Set and the Purple Fire Opal has a rich deep contrast to the Sterling with reflections of Jeweltone Blues and Greens. Both bands are 1/4 inch wide at top of setting and slightly taper to just over 1/8 inch at bottom of shank.

Even though the base colors are rich in saturation, this set may be matched with our Fiery and Jeweltone Purple collection just note the tone is deeper but complimented by lots of fire.

Our Fire Opal is lab created and far more durable than natural Opal whether they are single cuts, doublets or triplets at a fraction of the cost.

Jeweltone vs Fiery is a term we have added to assist you in differentiating the colortones available. Over time the materials used to make these rings can change and therefore will vary slightly.

Jeweltone Purple is a deeper saturated main color and accents.

Fiery Purple is a softer tone main color and accents.

This Ring makes not only a wonderful alternative wedding band but also a great Anniversary Gift or Replacement Wedding Ring and of course lends itself well to an everyday fashion statement.

Although Mr. Muskett's workmanship is extremely consistent,for your convenience and consideration we photograph each listing separately so the ring in these images is the ring you will receive (minus periodic lens reflection in the silver...we take several angles so you will be able to see).