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Dry Creek Turquoise Post Dangle Cross Earrings Navajo Silver Jewelry NAER-1551

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Sterling Silver
Overall Length:
1 1/8 Inch (from top of Wire or Post)
Length of Setting:
13/16 Inch (excluding attachment ring)
Width of Setting:
13/16 Inch (at widest point)
3mm Round Ball

Dry Creek Post Dangle Cross Earrings Navajo Silver Jewelry NAER-1551. Love is in the air with these Southwest Stamped Earrings boasting symbols of Cactus Flower and Running Water. Elegant free form cut round shaped Dry Creek Turquoise stones in classic pale blue coloring with golden cocoa matrix are smooth and highly polished set in straight bezel. Although Navajo made the Artist stamping has 'somewhat slipped' in the marking.

Part of our newest Collection of Dry Creek Turquoise Jewelry offering classic elegant styling. Quantity versus Quality is the age old question and our newest selection of Dry Creek Turquoise Earrings are sporting some of the best quality matching stones we have seen in a while yet in smaller cuts which is often most desirable for those who prefer the feel of lighter weight earrings. Cutting stones in pairs for earrings is always risky for lapidaries particularly when the Turquoise availability is so limited as in Dry Creek Turquoise. Matching stones for color and matrix is particularly challenging as Turquoise almost always varies based on when and where (within the mine claim) the stones were mined even within the same claim. When rough Turquoise stone is limited as with Dry Creek, most stone cutters will maximize their hold by creating cabochons for single stone settings such as Rings and Pendants rather than running the risk of fracture while cutting matching stone for Earrings.