6mm Rondelle Kingman Blue Turquoise Beads 16 Inch Strands TQ-17119

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6mm Rondelle Blue Kingman Turquoise Designer Bead Strands 16 Inch Temporarily Strung Jewelry Making Supplies TQ-17119. Beads are 6mm around and 4mm top to bottom. Arizona Kingman Turquoise jewelry making supply bead strands approximately 16 inch temporarily strung.

These beads are part of our Stock Blue Color Program meaning the beads are from the same rough stock (very limited bead inventory remains). Our Stock Blue inventory is a soft medium blue color with a slight green hue. With a variety of matching bead shapes to choose from, you can plan your projects in confidence that everything will match. Straight cut beads are delicate and may contain a small percentage of imperfection at edge.

Our American Kingman Turquoise bead strands are all natural color, natural cut stone and stabilized for durability (an acceptable and necessary process for enhancing the hardness of Turquoise for Jewelry Making), mined and processed here in the United States. We take great care in separating the strands by color and describing their individual uniqueness to (hopefully) remove the stressful guesswork so you will not be surprised by what is delivered.